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NorthGlass Project: 250 M Street

NorthGlass Project: 250 M Street

2050 M Street covers an area of 41,800 square meters and 5,000 square meters of curtain wall glass.

Tishman Spyer

Facade Manufacturer
Tianjin NorthGlass
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Guardian Glass
Gastaldello Sistemi


Facade Installer
TSI Wall Systems

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Front Inc.

Structural Engineer
LERA Consulting Engineers


American Council of Engineering Companies, New York Platinum Award, Category C: Structural Systems, 2020. World Architecture News Awards, shortlisted in Commercial category, 2018. Global Architecture & Design Awards, 2nd Place in Office category, 2018. Architectural Review/MIPIM, Future Project Award, 2016

2050 M Street (2050 for short) is a premium office building in the heart of Washington, DC’s central business district, at the intersection of 21st and M Streets, 0.9 miles northwest of the White House, covers an area of 41,800 square meters and 5,000 square meters of curtain wall glass.

More than 1,100 pieces of concave curved glass extend from the bottom to the roof, 11-story curved glass curtain wall creates a seamless, hyper-transparent and integrated visual space, which takes in everything at a glance from the inside out. The rooftop terrace and lounge boast panoramic views soaring above nearby buildings and overlook Duke Ellington Park.

NorthGlass Project: 250 M Street

The massing of the twelve-story office building is rectangular and boxy, which is a common feature in D.C. to maximize square footage within the city’s zoning constraints and height limitations. For architects, one of the challenges of the project was to make the architecture novel and sustainable.

NorthGlass Project: 250 M Street

The design of 2050 is inspired by the Corinthian style of ancient Greece. In order to distinguish from the traditional glass architecture, Joshua Ramus, the founder of Rex creatively designed a modular, concave inward and integrated glass curtain wall system, which is novel and can be used as the supporting structure of the main building, redefining the modern workspace in Washington, D.C.

NorthGlass Project: 250 M Street

In order to find an excellent curtain wall manufacturer, the owner inspected many excellent enterprises in the global scope, and finally selected five high-end manufacturers for comprehensive evaluation, Tianjin NorthGlass stood out.

In the progress of the whole project, Tianjin NorthGlass has been in close communication with the owner, architecture firm and curtain wall companies, constantly optimizing the design size and shape, enhancing the strength of the glass, and made the glass thinner and more transparent.

NorthGlass Project: 250 M Street

The high-performance low radiation coating layer improved the overall energy efficiency, and creates an unusual unique relief effect and kaleidoscope effect, which is a new aesthetic experience.

NorthGlass Project: 250 M Street

2050 M Street officially introduced: “A unique curved glass design utilizes state-of-the-art, technology only sourced from the highest-quality manufacturers of commercial-grade class. Ever mindful of a building or company’s relationship with its surroundings. Tishman Speyer continues to redefine quality, sustainability and performance.” (Source:

NorthGlass Project: 250 M Street

Tianjin NorthGlass adheres to the consistent quality and process standards, and the whole process from drawings, samples to testing, trail assembly and finished products are carried out in accordance with strict quality standards. Mismatch, curvature and edge flatness requirements are extremely strict, and finally presents straight vertical lines on the surface of the architecture.

NorthGlass Project: 250 M Street

Innovative design is not based in the ephemeral, or current fashions, but discovered through the constant reappraisal of architecture, which is a complex system based on functionality, procedure and sustainability.

NorthGlass Project: 250 M Street

With its professional technical reserves in the field of glass deep processing and the innovative spirit it has always adhered to, NorthGlass can bring excellent product quality and excellent product performance to global high-end architectures.


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