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Tvitec | The Perfect Cold Bending for the Perfect Glass Dome

The perfect cold bending for the perfect glazed dome. Tvitec System Glass at the Shell Oil Company Headquarters in The Hague with Octatube.

The perfect cold bending for the perfect glazed dome

Cold bending

The secret to cold bending lies in Tvitec’s special calculations department.

This system is the only way to push the elasticity of the flat units to the extreme so that they bend between the frames with precise delicacy and without the risk of fractures, emphasises Tvitec’s technical director Javier Reguera.

Cold bending

Tvitec Experience

As with Shell’s renovated headquarters in the Hague, Tvitec manufactures parts with expertise and state-of-the-art technology that specialists such as the Dutch Octatube bend into structures that are as beautiful as they are complex.

Tvitec Quality is key.

For more information, please contact wiht GlasK.

Total insulation

At Shell’s headquarters, the cold bending units are doubled glazed, with perfect insulation guaranteed in their manufacture.

And domes aren’t the only applications for his type of eco-efficient glass.

It’s also suitable for curved structures for great buildings and singular constructions too.

Total insulation

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