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Tvitec launches Rocalux, glass that is modified to resemble natural stone

Tvitec Launches Rocalux Glass Natural Stone

‘Rocalux’ is the result of the research and development branch of Tvitec.

The most advanced technology in architectural glass processing is now available for the imagination of architects and designers to create a unique product in the market. It is called ‘Rocalux’ and it is the result of the research and development (R&D) branch of Tvitec. We are talking about an absolutely new product that has the capacity to transform itself into resembling the desired material. It is screen-printed glass and treated in a certain way that allows it to imitate any type of finish in marble, granite, quartzite, alabaster, natural stone and much more, with a very special texture to the touch.

However, Rocalux brings together the benefits and best qualities of glass by eliminating its reflections or sparkles. It is much lighter than any of the materials that it imitates. It can be produced without limits, because its manufacture doesn’t have a large impact on the environment while the mineral extraction does.

Rocalux is ideal for architects, designers and is perfect for building façades, because its use is excellent for any type of interior or flooring. It is equally suited for exteriors or the embellishment of floor slabs. It is the perfect solution for office projects, hotels and, of course, residential dwellings.

Rocalux is light and comes in thicknesses from around a quarter to a third of an inch (6 to 19 mm). It is versatile. It is possible to manufacture it as monolithic or it can also include double and triple glazing or with safety lamination. Unlike a slab of marble, it is possible to replace it with a piece with the same appearance. Owing to its advanced technology, Tvitec is also capable of manufacturing flat or curved Rocalux, in order to adapt it to any building shape.

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