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The universal language of Mappi: Quality and Innovation, from Bogotà to Poznan

Mappi Glass Tempering Furnace in Exhibition

It was a busy week for Mappi, we were present simultaneously in the New and the Old World.

Colombia Glass has gathered in Bogotà a large number of specialized operators, the best of the glass industry from all over South America, enthusiastic, competent people and companies, with a great desire to touch the new frontiers of innovation.

Thousands of kilometers away, in the ancient heart of Europe, the Poznan Glass Industry Fair was held. In a completely different context once again Mappi’s innovations and machines have conquered the center of attention, in particular the new perspectives opened by the integration in MindSphere of the new generation of Mappi tempering furnaces Powered by Siemens.

Mappi Glass Tempering Furnace in Exhibition

No matter where you are, Europe or America, there is a language that is universal, is that of quality and innovation by Mappi.

Mappi Glass Tempering Furnace in Exhibition
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