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7 Safety Tips from the Window Safety Task Force

When it comes to a fire emergency, the Window Safety Task Force in partnership with the National Safety Council reminds everyone that doors and windows are the primary and secondary escape routes. This is an especially important topic this fire season, when those on the West Coast are experiencing higher risk.

Guardian Glass Europe: Energy-Saving potential of Modern Glazing

In 2030 European buildings would consume nearly 30% less energy if all of them were glazed with high performance glass, according to the latest research commissioned by Glass for Europe.

AGI Case Study: 500 Walnut

Elegant glazing - from walls to slabs - clads a residential tower.

The Tallest and Heaviest Sliding Glass Door: A Case Study

Minimalist windows explore the potential of structural glass to provide large sliding glass doors with extremely thin doorframes.

Adhesives for Blast Scenarios – Extreme Conditions for Structural Sealant Glazing

In this paper the mechanical and application properties of Sikaflex®-268, a high performance polyurethane adhesive are presented and compared to Sikasil® SG-500, a typical silicone adhesive used for structural glazing applications in facades.

Architectural Glass Institute : Bird-safely glass – Resources to mitigate bird collisions

According to the American Bird Conservancy (ABC), glass collisions claim the lives of up to a billion birds annually in the U.S.

Devil’s Detail: Fire-Rated Glass

The main goal of all fire-rated glass is to compartmentalize fire to enable safe exit. It is most commonly used around egress areas, property line walls, stairwells, and points of exit.

Devil’s Detail: Bent Glass

From domed skylights to curved handrails, revolving door enclosures to building enclosures, the dramatic curves of bent glass offer architectural form and function.

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