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Structural rigid PVB interlayers: a topic in the picture at Glass Performance Days

Glass Performance Days once again bubbled with presentations and discussions on trends and innovations in the glass industry.

In particular, the challenges brought by the growing use of extra large glass panels and lean support structures in modern buildings emerged as a main topic.

Buildings fitted with balustrades that have no visible frame or with oversized glass panels that have minimal support structure create spectacular living and working environments, where people can enjoy infinity views and a maximum of light coming in their rooms. But glass is heavy, and this raises concerns that require appropriate solutions.

How to reduce the structural laminated glass thickness and weight while maintaining the adequate structural performance required to control stress and deflection and ensure maximum safety?

A solution is provided by a high modulus structural PVB interlayer, such as EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH, which shows superior strength and rigidity when compared to a standard PVB film. A thinner glass structure using EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH can be produced rather than a heavier one using a standard PVB film. This is particularly appropriate for applications such as balustrades, balconies, canopies, curtain walls, sloped and overhead glazing.

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