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Sergey Alyokhin: Forum on Standards for Facade Curtain Systems, Windows, Facades and Doors

There is need for uniform rules and standards for facade curtain systems and translucent facades

Sergey Alyokhin: Forum on Translucent Structures, Windows, Facades and Doors

The Forum on Standards for Facade Curtain Systems, Translucent Structures, Windows, Facades and Doors is a major event of the Mir Stekla exhibition’s conference programme.

This spring, a discussion panel with the theme “Translucent Structures Industry and Safety” was attended by Façade Union President Sergey Alyokhin, who is sure that direct dialogue with counterparties and relevant authorities is necessary for the prompt resolution of problematic issues.

Ahead of the new season, Sergey Alyokhin shares his impressions from forum 2021 and says how the Façade Union sees future cooperation with manufacturers of translucent structures.

Facade curtain systems and translucent facades are very close topics in construction, and similar problems inevitably arise in such closely related industries.

During the forum this spring, we shared concerns with colleagues about fashionable glass fiber concrete and came to a consensus that it is necessary to replace the old mechanism with an updated set of rules and standards.

The safety of translucent structures, standards for facade curtain systems, windows and doors – will definitely be discussed in the course of the conference programme of the Mir Stekla 2022 exhibition.

Production, Processing and Application.

We, the Façade Union, maintain the same idea: there is need for unified rules and standards with uniform technical requirements.

This approach will achieve the most important objective, i.e., safety, durability and reliability of structures and buildings.

The Façade Union believes that it is necessary to start with the development of general requirements for façade works, check how these rules are met in practice, put them on paper as Façade Union standards, apply for some time, and then suggest the elaboration of national standards for standards for facade curtain systems.

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As for interaction with designers and manufacturers of translucent structures, this is what I have to say: they are taking a closer look at us and getting closer to us.

We will bolster the trend, as we clearly see the goal to consolidate the industry and to offer development opportunities to every segment.

“It seems to me that manufacturers of translucent structures still have lots of disputable standardization issues to discuss for standards for facade curtain systems.

The Façade Union has experience and we are ready to share it and to interact with any interested professionals.

I believe that this cooperation has a vast potential,” he said.

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