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R.C.N. Solutions: RD Clean Concept

One year ago, when RCN SOLUTIONS launched RD CELAN CONCEPT, an innovative product in lamination, we could not imagine that along with the success, attempts at imitation would have rised immediately.

R.C.N. Solutions: RD Clean Concept

This could be a point of proud in addition to a certain confirmation the product is considered revolutionary for insiders and experts and has appealing on the market. 

However, RCN wants to reassure the market that RD CLEAN CONCEPT is unique and born from an idea based on serious studies and development but not on a last minute improvisation. 

Both product and concept are under patent pending and any other product declared equal has not the same qualities for which RD CLEAN CONCEPT is appreciated: effectiveness, easy and safe usage combine with the reliability of a product that have been tested in the long terms. 

The components for construction are of especial use from RCN, manufactured on specific demand and could not be accessible to others. The research and combination of the different components required several examinations and the balance took time to be reached, which explains the reason why any attempt for imitation has not value and it is not definitely the same product.  

It is essential to trust a serious supplier offering technical testing and professional assistance. It is also important to know no other product can match RD CLEAN CONCEPT and to be aware that imitations can be recognized and risky to be installed. 

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