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Northglass Provides Glass for the Phase II Project of the National Convention Center

NorthGlass helps to build the national name card - The Phase II project of National Convention Center

The first curtain wall of the project is 6m high ribbed glass curtain wall, 5 layers of 12mm ultra-white tempered laminated Low-E insulating glass unit.

Phase II of the Beijing National Convention Center is located in the central area of the Olympic Park in Chaoyang District, Beijing, close to Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest/Olympic Stadium) and National Swimming Center, and it consists of main buildings and supporting buildings. The total construction area of the center is 780,000 square meters, and the main construction area of the conference center is 270,000 square meters. The length of its main part of the building is 460m from north to south, width is 150m from east to west, height is 45m, and there are 3 floors on the ground and 2 floors underground. In the future, it will be mainly used to hold state affairs, government affairs and high-end business exhibition activities.

The project was designed by Portzampark, a famous French architect and the winner of Pritzker Architecture Prize, and consultant of Afa Architectural Design Consulting Ltd (RFR). The whole building is a concave curved facade, and the consistent curvature unifies the whole facade, above the building is a huge reception canopy. The overall shape gives this great building a sense of elegance and solemnity.

The architectural shape shows us calm, and the facade is simple and full of changes, which likes the flying Kunpeng, it is elegant and light, solemn and cordial.The large eaves of the east facade convey the charm of traditional Chinese architecture, showing the great power and the transparency of contemporary China.

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The facades of the east, south and north of the main building consist of — “bird window” of special curtain wall unit and glass curtain wall. The 2,376 curtain wall units are connected into surfaces, just like a group of light birds, with the shape of “Kunpeng wings” of the main body of the building, highlighting the clever rhythm of harmonious echo between architecture and nature.

The straight and curved roof forms elegant lines. As the final work of the Olympic Central Area, it has added a perfect sum to the central axis of Beijing, showing the cultural confidence, open, inclusive style of a great power.

The first curtain wall of the second phase of the National Convention Center is 6m high ribbed glass curtain wall, 5 layers of 12mm ultra-white tempered laminated Low-E insulating glass unit. The curtain wall of the east facade is installed with nearly 6m glass transverse framed curtain wall, and the inner curtain wall adopts curved laminated glass with a height of arc of 10 m height. RFR specially formulates the whole process from materials to production process including cutting, grinding, tempering, homogenization, laminated and insulating, and finished product inspection, quality control plan and evaluation standards; Tianjin NorthGlass implements the standard requirements of the owner and management company, and proposes its own higher standards in each process to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

A craftsman who wishes to do good work must first sharpen his tools. The technical reserve in recent years and the top series of tempering equipment developed by the strong technical strength of the parent company ensure the smooth production and the high quality of the project, which greatly meet the visual effect of large glass after its horizontal installation and the supply cycle.

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After the completion of the second phase of the National Convention Center, it has been delivered to the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games, and it will has the function of the main media center (MMC) during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and also will provide a full-round service guarantee for the global media. At the same time, it will form an international communication center pattern of “triangle of Conference + Exhibition” with the national conference center as the core fulcrum, and becomes an all-around international communication center with global influence.

NorthGlass continuously innovates in reform, continuously explores in innovation, and continuously move forward in exploration. And it also contributes to the construction of the motherland while realizing new leaps, new breakthroughs, and towarding to high-quality development.

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