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NGA releases new Glass Technical Papers (GTPs)

NGA releases new Glass Technical Papers (GTPs)

The National Glass Association published six resources for the glazing and glass building products industry.

Available in downloadable format at no cost in the NGA Online Store.

Task groups comprised of member volunteers within the Fabricating, Forming and Installing Committees worked diligently to update six existing Glass Technical Papers (GTPs) to reflect the latest developments and trends within the industry.

“Many of these GTPs were originally developed 10 years ago or more and are still considered relevant and valuable to the foundational education of our industry. Our member volunteers are constantly seeking where gaps in information exist so that we may address them through resources such as GTPs. These become the standard for best practice for the glass and glazing industry,” explains Urmilla Sowell, NGA advocacy & technical director.

Bird-Friendly Glass Design Strategies is the newest addition to the NGA library of resources. The GTP addresses the background of bird-friendly building design and provides key definitions and surface orientations specific to the application. Visual markers, reflections and the impact of light are discussed, as well as the latest legislative and regulatory developments with respect to material use, local ordinances and zoning requirements.

Download your complimentary GTPs linked above, which are available among a host of additional resources in NGA’s Store.

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