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Leonardo da Vinci and Mappi: after 500 years it continues to inspire us to be better

Among the infinite gifts Leonardo da Vinci left us, there is one that also involves glass, the material that interests us the most: the “prospettografo”.

Leonardo da Vinci was a practical person and a visionary, capable of seeing the future and making it happen using everything that was available to a man in 1500. Among the infinite gifts he left us, there is one that also involves glass, the material that interests us the most: the “prospettografo”.

An instrument, consisting essentially of a wooden frame and a glass plate, through which it was possible to reproduce in the right perspective, landscapes, environments, people who are by their nature three-dimensional with the necessary accuracy on the two dimensions of the sheet or canvas.

One of those intuitions that with the eyes of today may seem simple, but that at the time represented a great leap forward in a world that, at least in painting, was “flat”. This year the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo, a scientist, artist, but above all a person driven by a great passion for discovery, for the search for concrete solutions to the most diverse problems.

This desire to make the world better is the teaching that more than any other we carry with us in Mappi, so much so that we have hung one of Leonardo’s sentences in the production area which summarizes it: “Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail . “

This search for perfection through attention to detail is what we put into designing and manufacturing our machines, where the most diverse technologies work together in the service of a material that is as fragile as it is perfect as glass. “The details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.” Is the road we travel every day to go beyond glass perfection.

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