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Increasing quality and efficiency of the glass recycling value chain

EPR schemes across europe join forces with close the Glass Loop to promote circularity of glass packaging.

FEVE glass recycling

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Organizations across Europe are committed to increasing the quality and efficiency of the glass recycling value chain through separate collection, quality recycling and closed loop manufacturing of glass. A practical example of how to achieve genuine circularity of glass packaging is “Close the Glass Loop” – the major industry stewardship programme for glass packaging initiated by FEVE and aiming to reach a post-consumer glass container collection target of 90 percent by 2030. In parallel, the initiative should ensure that the recycled material is reused again into a new production loop of glass containers.

EPR Organizations, as the link between the different stakeholders, have a key role in promoting and facilitating better collection, high quality sorting and recycling of used packaging including glass, thus ensuring the achievement of the initiative’s objectives.

EXPRA’s Managing Director, Joachim Quoden, said, “EXPRA supports the “Close the Glass Loop” as our organization and its members strive to constantly improve their performance by supporting and investing in innovative collection models, high quality sorting & recycling and especially in communication and information campaigns for consumers, who at the end of the day are the engine at the core of the whole process. We look forward to closer cooperation with the other stakeholders in the value chain in finding the most efficient ways and means to face challenges but also exploit opportunities stemming from the new EU Waste Legislation.”

“This commitment by the EPR community to Close The Glass Loop across Europe is a strong signal for the glass industry that the time is now to make a difference for the circular economy,” stated Michel Giannuzzi, President of FEVE. “As an industry we can count on a material with unique potential in terms of recyclability. We know there are big challenges ahead to make the most of this potential, and to face them it is essential that we foster a strong partnership with EPR schemes on European and especially on national level.”

See the full press statement on the feve website.


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