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Horn Glass Industries: 37 Jubilarians were honoured for their 10 or 20 years of company affiliation

At this year’s Christmas party there was reason to be happy: The company August HORN® was founded in 1884 and the new HORN® companies have existed for 20 years, i.e. since 1999. Now, in the year 2019, 29 employees from then stayed with the company. These long-time employees, who make up the backbone of HORN due to their concentrated know-how, were solemnly honoured for their commitment to the company.

Horn Glass Industries Jubilarians

“HORN is a supplier of melting technology for the glass industry. With our innovative products we care about our environment and our employees. Our employees are our greatest asset when it comes to bringing glass into everyday life,” emphasizes Stephan Meindl, CEO and MD of HORN. “For this we have to say thank you.“ After his opening speech, Meindl started with the honouring of employees who have been part of the HORN family in Plößberg for 10 or 20 years.

Guest of Honour Maximilian Sollfrank (President Foreign Units), former employees, pensioners and colleagues from the Czech Republic were welcomed separately by Meindl. A total of 37 jubilarians were honoured for their 10 or 20 years of company affiliation and received a certificate and a small gift.

The company honoured them for ten years: Sebastian Gallenberger (absent), Peter Griebenow (absent), Stephan Kilchert, Margarete Rauch, Johann Rausch (absent), Wilhelm Soukup, Daniel Wegner and Wolfgang Patzelt (HORN Bau & Service GmbH).

They were honoured for 20 years of loyalty to the company: Thomas Bruischütz, Wolfgang Fennerl, Helmut Fischer (absent), Günter Gerber, Thomas Gerber, Alfons Gmeiner, Wolfgang Gmeiner, Raimund Hüttner, Jürgen Karwath (absent), Wolfgang Lang, Alfred Leinhäupl, Bernhard Michl, Harald Mielke (absent), Kasimir Mikolajec, Werner Reinknecht (absent), Anton Rosner, Michael Schedl, Lucia Schwägerl, Ronald Seer (absent), Herbert Walter, Hermann Weiherer, Werner Witzl (absent), Klaus Würner (absent), Markus Zettl, Christine Zienert, Maximilian Sollfrank, Stephan Meindl, Konrad Bauer (HORN Bau & Service GmbH) and Andreas Kopp (HORN Bau & Service GmbH).

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