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Guardian Glass Project: Vilnius University Library

Vilnius University Library was designed by Paleko Arch Studija, the University Library is located on the outskirts of Vilnius near to a pine forest, which inspired the architect to give the building a spatial feel – cosy inside spaces linked to nature.

Vilnius University Library

Two huge glazed facades in Vilnius University Library face the pine forest, illuminating the trees at night. In daytime, these trees are sunlit and become a visual part of the building’s interior.

The spaces inside are diverse and easily transformed. In the interior, white colour dominates and exposes books as well as people. 

Vilnius University Library

The glazed facades are arranged so that all joints and gaps are horizontal and run parallel around the building, despite the curved surfaces.

Solid south-side partitions hide people and books from direct sun and overheating.

Vilnius University Library

COUNTRY: Lithuania
CITY: Vilnius
ARCHITECT: ARCH- studija Mr. Rolandas Palekas
CLADDER: Duru Sistemos 
PRODUCT: SunGuard® SN 51/28

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