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Guardian Glass Project: Lotus Business Centre

The Lotus Business Centre is a high-tech, functional piece of modern architecture that provides panoramic views across the Russian capital.

Business Center Lotus

Designed by one of Russia’s leading architectural firms, SPEECH, the 153,000 square meter complex comprises of three identical towers (two office and one residential) joined by a supporting underground base.

Business Center Lotus
© Алексей Hародицкий

Like shining armour, slightly mirrored glass covers the dynamically arched facades and roofs of the towers, allowing light to flood the interiors used at Lotus Business Centre.

From a distance, the three buildings look like giant propeller blades, revolving around a central point.

This sense of rotation is created by gentle curvatures in the glass, not just horizontally, but vertically too.

Visible metal elements are kept to a minimum in order to keep the slightly overlapping glass surfaces as smooth as possible at Lotus Business Centre.

Business Center Lotus

Lostus Business Centre has unique angled window glass with an inner metal structure is used to create the façade’s infinitely smooth surface.

The top floor technical level has staggered glass panes and a crown-like floor creates a broken line between the sky and its reflection in the slanting facades.

The composition is similar to that of a Lotus flower, giving the centre its name.

Business Center Lotus

CITY: Moscow
PRODUCT: SunGuard® HP Silver 43/31

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