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Glasstec 2020 Trend Topics

Glasstec 2020 Global Trends and Innovations

At glasstec 2020, central questions on the numerous challenges facing the industry will again be discussed.

In terms of content, everything will revolve around the global challenges of climate change (Climate), scarcity of resources (Resources), advancing urbanisation (Urbanisation), the need for further value enhancement (Value) as well as the opportunities that the material glass offers for increasing the quality of life of people (“Happiness”). 

What contribution can the glass industry make to master the acute global challenges? The exhibitors, as well as numerous top-level lectures at the glasstec conference and the innovation show glass technology live will be presenting their contributions to solutions at glasstec.

Glasstec 2020 Trends - Climate

Innovative Solutions That Protect The Climate

Modern glazing solutions have already achieved a very high level of energy efficiency thanks to continuous development. They ensure high thermal insulation and at the same time generate solar heat gains. New special glasses can significantly reduce the need for heating and cooling in buildings, thereby reducing energy consumption and the associated CO2 emissions.

But what is the situation in the glass manufacturing and processing process? How can the glass industry reduce emissions through new manufacturing processes? What legal regulations and standards will we have to adapt to in the future? What new and improved energy concepts are there? Answers to these and many other questions on the subject of energy efficiency will be provided by glasstec 2020 with the solutions and innovations presented here.

Glasstec 2020 Trends - Resources

Using Resources Efficiently And Sustainably

Today, about 50 % of the energy consumed in Germany is used for air conditioning in buildings. While the focus in recent years has been on the development of energy-efficient buildings, the focus is increasingly shifting to a holistic view over the entire life cycle – i.e. also with regard to employees, the use of materials and energy consumption.

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This already begins in glass production. In order to counteract the increasing scarcity of raw materials, alternative raw materials and the most comprehensive recycling possible are becoming increasingly important.

Through waste glass recycling in conjunction with alternative energy sources for reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the production processes, glass provides an almost inexhaustible raw material base. But what about the increasing shortage of skilled workers? Fewer employees and low training quotas demand solutions to close the gap. The latest concepts and developments will be discussed at glasstec.

Glasstec 2020 Trends - Urbanisation

Sustainable Cities With Glass

More than half of the world’s population already lives in cities and urbanization continues to progress rapidly. In 2050, two thirds of all people will live in metropolitan areas – a total of around 6.4 billion. Increasing urbanization, our enormous consumption of raw materials and the pressures on the environment pose major challenges for research and development, but also for the strategic and innovative capabilities of politics, business and society. 

New living and working concepts are required for a growing population in extreme conurbations. Which glass products will society need in the future? What role will digitalization and connectivity play as a result of new developments in high-speed Internet? Special glass opens up new opportunities in many places and provides the right products for the construction, communication and mobility needs of our growing population. glasstec 2020 will present future-oriented solutions and visions with glass.

Glasstec 2020 Trends - Value

Value Creation Rethought

Germany, Europe and the world are in a phase of rapid change. What does this mean for value creation? It is developing away from a pure profit orientation towards a people orientation and finally towards a sustainable and stable value generation. “From profit to planet to people” – an efficient and sustainable glass value chain from raw material supplier to product processing brings business growth in harmony with humanity and climate protection.

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This also includes the profitability of investments. The aim is to create long-term added value, not only for a company but also for society as a whole. With its comprehensive representation of the entire glass value chain – from glass production, processing and finishing to the glazier trade – glasstec offers a unique overview of the latest developments in the global glass industry.

Glasstec 2020 Trends - Happiness

What Glass Does For Our Lives

What contribution can glass products make to improving the quality of life for people in terms of safety, comfort, daylight and well-being? Modern glazing solutions have a positive effect on well-being. They create a healthier indoor climate, let air and light in and allow a view outside.

We spend over 80% of our lives in buildings. This makes it all the more important to have optimum access to daylight or sunlight.

Numerous studies have shown that glazing has proven effects on human health and healing, on positive emotions and increased productivity and learning ability.

The possible uses of glass for increased comfort, for example in interior design, are also extremely diverse – whether heating glass, which ensures a comfortable room climate, self-cleaning glass, visual and sound insulation glass or attack-resistant glazing, which serves to increase safety.

These and many other developments will be on display at glasstec 2020.

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