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NGA Announces New Commercial Fenestration Systems 2021 Manual

NGA Announces New Commercial Fenestration Systems Manual

NGA is proud to announce the publication of the Commercial Fenestration Systems Manual, an authoritative resource on the complete fenestration system for the glass and glazing community.

“The Commercial Fenestration Systems Manual was written in order to address many of the foundational elements of window and wall systems,” says Chuck Knickerbocker, task group member, Technical Glass Products. “This comprehensive guide has long been in development and will act as a useful primer for those in the architectural, glazing and construction industries to learn about basic components and technologies associated with exterior façade design.”

The manual addresses what makes curtain walls functional, cost-effective, and efficient in terms of design, fabrication, installation, and long-term performance.

Matt Kamper, NGA Installing Committee chair, Woodbridge Glass, adds, “users of this manual can expect to gain a detailed and helpful picture of system descriptions, design parameters, pre-construction and onsite testing, use of shop drawings, installation guidelines, and more.”

NGA thanks the task group members who helped move this initiative forward to make this manual possible.


  • Rick Alexander
  • Matt Aragon
  • Steve Austin
  • Mike Berkun
  • Mark Bird
  • Tara Brummet
  • Steve Dean
  • Ted Derby
  • Joe Erb
  • Kevin Grenscier
  • Greg Hall
  • Scott Haworth
  • Matt Kamper
  • Jon Kimberlain
  • Chuck Knickerbocker
  • Jeff Nicholson
  • Mic Patterson
  • Jim Stewart
  • Bill Sullivan
  • Henry Taylor
  • Paul Tharp
  • Steven Thomas

The Commercial Fenestration Systems Manual is now available in the NGA Store.

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